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Official Name: M/s. Rainbow D Net

Trade License No: 20182611873000324

Year of Establishment: February 2016

BTRC Lisence No: 14.32.0000.007.59.509.16.192

Business Type: Providing Internet Service (Cat-C) Including Cyber Cafe Service.

Services: Internet Bandwidth for Small business and local clients, Data Connectivity.

Head Office Address: Tower Building (2nd Floor), Ikrashi Bazar, Palamgonj, Dohar, Dhaka-1331.

Web URL:

Official Email:;

M/s. Rainbow D Net provides reliable, highly available and on-demand bandwidth to the customers. It offers dedicated, secure and managed internet access to enterprises with the highest service levels. M/s. Rainbow D Net offerings of Dedicated Internet Service on Fiber Optic / Radio Link allowing symmetric (both uplink and downlink are of the same speed). Web access to the customer very much necessary for modern age service usage including Voice, Data, Video, Webcasting and Interactive Communications.